Malware Break out
    Malware Break out stops malicious programs from running on your system and gives you the location
of the hidden application. The built in rogue app killer constantly scans for unauthorized applications
and shuts them down and gives you their location so that you can delete them. Once you start the Kill App
feature the program will constantly scan for the rogue application and shut it down again should it try to
reload itself periodically into memory. This is a common symptom of an infection when a rogue application
keeps loading itself back into memory and even write the malicious program again to a specific folder
periodically even after you have deleted it. This process can only be reversed by killing all the rogue apps
and deleting all the locations where it has nested itself. Malware BreakOut  instantly kills all the apps that
are nested in memory and then returns the file location to you for deletion at your convenience. A protected
browser is also included to let you start surfing the internet again if your browser is disabled and comes with
a quick link to your startup programs using msconfig. Also saves hours of reloading damaged programs
that can become damaged from malware attacks and loss of personal documents stored on your computer.
  Break out is set to automatically move to a Shareware site with a malwarebytes download so that no
infection can occur but you can also hit the home icon if you wish to travel to google and other sites to
download other software or manually type in an address and hit enter to move to another site. It is
critical that you download this program before a problem occurs and you have no way to download
software utilities to repair your system.

 The purpose of the "Take Snapshot" menu is to create a list of programs you normal have in use every
day. For the "Kill Apps" feature to work you must create a snapshot of your running applications first
BEFORE  an infection occurs. This list will be loaded automatically each time you start the program.
You can take as many snapshots of your system as you like.

  If you suspect a malicious software is currently running on your system simply click the "Kill Apps"
menu to start scanning your system and killing any malicious software that is currently active. The Kill
Apps feature will keep running continuously to kill stubborn programs that detect that they were shut
down. Should you wish to stop scanning for rogue programs you can optionally click the "Pause" menu.

To use Malware BreakOut as a shield from rogue applications simply start running the program and click
"Kill Apps" and then minimize the program to keep scaning and killing applications whenever you run
your computer. This can prevent serious damage to your system from rogue viruses that are downloaded
and installed without your knowledge. If a rogue software is running on your system you can also view
it's location so that it can be deleted.

 Start > Programs menu opens MSconfig for choosing which programs are started when your system is
 restarted. Be sure to check this list before you restart your computer if your system has become infected.
 rogue programs very often list themselves in your start programs list to reload themselves just in case
 you were successful in stopping them from running when you restart your computer. Malicious software
 may have an unknown or obscure company name and or a serial number for a program name. Software
 with extremely odd program names are always safe to uncheck from your start menu. Be sure to delete
 these files and don't save a copy of them anywhere on your system.

 Their is a fee for this software and it must be registered to move from site to site and to use most of the
program features. We recommend that you leave a shortcut link in your quickstart menu or on your desktop
for easy access to Malware BreakOut when a problem occurs later. This program will also save damage to your hard drive and processor being overloaded by allowing you to solve your problem quickly. Closing all open browser windows before you begin will also reduce wear and tear on your processor and hard drive.

 A pop up blocker is also included that will kill most any spam internet window or local windows that tries
to appear at high speed. This option can be turned off for local browsing by unchecking the checkbox on the
upper right corner of your screen.

  If you've ever had this type of problem before you know what a great asset it would be to be able to
break out of a crippled browser situation and download a fix and that you have to have this software
pre-installed. Download and install break out today, you'll be very glad you did. Buy online through
Pay Pal by clicking the Buy Now menu item on the program screen. After registering Malware Break-
Out you will be enabled to move to other sites and links will be enabled again as well as the app killer being

 Because this is shareware the program will appear to not function properly in moving to other sites
and the right click button has been disabled intentionally. If you register, these features you will
need later will be available automatically when a program key is detected. With these features enabled it
will then be possible to connect to the internet through this protected browser. Please remember that if you
don't register your copy of  today in advance of an infection your browser could be too crippled to
operate later to buy Malware BreakOut later.

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