To order by mail:
                          Please type your name and address on a piece of paper
when ordering or simply use a printed return address sticker to be sure
your address is legible and to avoid any delays.

        Add a plain piece of paper with the name of the software printed on
the paper or carefully hand written with the return address and your email
address.  The email address will be necessary to send you a program key.
If you choose to receive a hardcopy on CD please note that the  higher
price is for cost of the CD with Packaging, and shipping and handling.

           If you wish to only download BreakOut and receive a program key
by email at the lower price you can receive the program key soon after I re-
ceive your check for only $49.99. This is a one time only payment and
covers free upgrades and technical support.

          The price for a CD home delivered to your door is $57.99 to receive
the program on CD. The higher cost as mentioned earlier is for the processing
and delivery of your order. Again free lifetime upgrades are included as well
as free technical support. Please allow up to 7-14 days but generally you can
expect to receive your order in less than seven days.

Payment methods:
                               Money Orders
                               Bank Checks
Personal checks are not accepted due to bank verification fees.
No cash please.

Make check payable to:
                                        Gerald Lindsay
Since I am the sole developer of Tekware Software and mail to:
                                        Gerald Lindsay
                                        45 Florence Ave
                                        Ellington, CT 06029

For orders outside the continental USA the mail option is not available.

Order BreakOut software by Mail