Tekware Resume Filter

        Tekware Resume Filter is a very effective tool that can scan hundreds of resumes

    looking for the keywords you choose. Resumes that contain the desired keywords are

    added to a list that shows the path to the file. Using this utility you can save many hours

    of work searching through countless resumes with simple keyword searching. The resume

    filter was made for ease of use with menus arranged from left to right in order of

    use to make using the program very easy for anyone to use whether they have minimal

    computer experience or for advanced users. Tekware Resume Filter woks with *.doc files

    created in MS-Word which is the current standard for transmitted resumes. No sorting of

    files is required at all accept that all the files must be stored in one folder since this program will search an entire

    folder at once to find keyword matches. You also have the option to print the list of resumes that have matching

    keywords to keep a physical record of applicants who have applied up to today's date. A built in preview feature

    also lets you preview each applicant in the found list instantly if you wish from the view menu with a single click.

    For more complete cross matching up to five different keywords can also be used to find an applicant that uses

    these keywords to avoid skipping over applicants that have at least one of the keywords in their resume. This advanced

    keyword matching will also save you a great deal of fatigue and make the task of sorting resumes a much more easy

    and pleasant task with every day of use. If you wish you can also copy all the filtered results to another folder by going
    to the results menu and clicking copy items. This function automatically copies all the files from the source folder that
    are shown in the current list to any folder of your choice.

                                                 Quick Start
    1.        Collect applications to one main folder, Example C:\resumes
    2.        Choose Folder
    3.        Select Keywords
    4.        Start scan
    5.        View results
    6.        Move filtered results (optional)

    Then just enjoy reviewing each resume easily by selecting it from the list to start

    reviewing applicants by using the view feature that opens the doc file in MS-Word.

    You can also right click on any applicant and click delete to remove any applicant

     from the list to start narrowing down your final choices.
     Registering Tekware Resume Filter also allows you to receive free technical support

     should you have any difficulty and wish to make a suggestion for the next build if you

     would like to see improvements to the program. Feedback is always welcome from

     registered users. Thank you for trying our program. We hope you are delighted with

     Tekware Resume Filter. *Please that Payment below is one time for a lifetime  license.
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