Skype Call Reminder was originally created just for fun to remind myself of breaks at work by having my computer call me using Skype with a computer voice at a preset time as a reminder for breaks. This is a great new gadget to use with Skype for fun and is useful not just for breaks but also can be used as a reminder when you are due to leave work, to leave early for doctor's or dentist's appointments,  or for school sports events, personal or business meetings or even to wake you in the morning as a personal alarm by calling your cell phone, even if the power is out.

 You can quickly choose the type of reminder you want to receive as a computer voice from several different male and female computer voices to playback typed text or you can use a sound file you re-
cord yourself or any sound file that can play through Windows Media Player. With either option you can playback the message you want to hear first with the preview button to let you decide first what you like.

 Skype Call Reminder gives you a way to use your phone to make your day easier to manage and to have fun in the process. Skype Call Reminder was made for fun. Enjoy buying a lifetime software license to use
Skype Call Reminder for one low price of only $25 with no hidden tax or fees to pay, ever.

           Please click the Pay Pal link below and enjoy Skype Call Reminder for a lifetime.
Skype Call Reminder
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