YouTube On CD
You Tube On CD is a download and burn program that downloads a YouTube video and burns the video
to your CD-Rom disk or copies the download to the folder of your choice, anywhere.
Just find the video that you would like to download and burn by visiting YouTube.
Then copy and paste itinto the top text box that has been provided for you.

 Then just click the download button and the video will download.
When the download completes a message box appears.
Then just click ok and the video is burned to disk. No settings needed.

 If you wish you can also select a computer folder or flash drive to send
the download to if you wish.
 Some benefits of using the You Tube On CD;
 Burns files to CD automatically(Free CD burner included).
 Convert files to MP3 format,(Free MP3 converter included).
*** MP3 Stretch(a new separate program $25 value added Free!) Combines multiple MP3 files into one file)***
 Creates music collections for each artist.
 Allows you to work with the videos to make mp3's for work or home
 Frees up Internet bandwidth to run other programs.
 Takes a strain off your computer processor.
 Saves your favorites.
 You can still access your songs even when the Internet doesn't work.
 Gives you the option to run the videos on portable devices, TV, DVD player, more.

 Unfortunately we must charge you to use You Tube On CD.
To unlock You Tube On CD is just one click away with the buy now link below: