Autologger is a great tool to log in to your favorites websites. Saves your list of sites with separate user names and password storing.

Gives you a list of your favorites that you can't lose from browser upgrades and lost program data.

Comes with optional voice prompts, user and password storing, favorites list, edit tool for correcting or renaming sites or links, home page storing, click on list to move to site you saved, option to move site entry up and down to alphabetize lists, site names created automatically when adding links to your favorites list. Manual log in button allows you to retry entering your site log in information.

 Right click mouse menu for extra browsing functions or use the available hot keys. Paste function detects which site you are on and allows you to automatically paste your user name or password when desired or any of the personal data you stored previously. Auto logging feature will try to enter your user name and password feature whenever you open a page with password or user name information required when you don't want to paste information manually.

 Store all your personal information once and then use mouse to paste any information you've stored automatically! Remember to register Autologger and all your personal information will be saved permanently. You can also update your personal information anytime. Great for pages with sub frames with hidden html code frames!

   Please remember that this is a shareware, a try before you buy program and any data you save will be lost permanently when the program closes. Buy online now before you close the program and your entries will not be lost.

   Loaded with features and a great deal for the money Autologger is really a  useful and economical program. New help file available soon, or registered user can always contact us anytime by email at We're here to help. Thanks!


Browser menu:
Go Back: Send browser back to previous page after first page.

Go Forward: Send browser forward after going backwards.

Go Home: Go to home page.

Personal Data: (Optional) Form appears where you can enter you name, address,
other personal data for instant form filling later. (Data never leaves your computer.)

Reset Home Page: Allows you to pick a new home page.

Favorites Menu

Add page: Adds current web page to list of favorites. Use log in page if desired.

Edit Site: Box appears below favorites list, edit, site name, link to site, user name,
or password individually in your favorites lists.

Hide All: Hides Favorites list and edit box.

Hide Favorites: Hides Site, Links, User names, and password list

Remove Link: Erases the highlighted entries from your Favorites list.

Show All: Shows all lists and edit box.

Show Favorites: Only show Sites, Favorites, User names, and Password lists.

Log In button: Only use this if page has a long delay in loading. Fills fields for user name
and password by searching through list for a matching page.

Move to page: Type or copy and paste text into text box on top center of page. Press enter.
 If page already exists in favorites list just click on it and wait several seconds to move to page.

Mouse right click: Contains most menu commands just mentioned and Personal Data fields
embedded in each mouse submenu. To use Personal Data fields click on an empty web page
field and then click on the matching mouse submenu to paste any personal data you stored
earlier when you filled out the Personal Data form.

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