IE Tracker Pro
Features: Captures new Internet Explorer windows
                Folder location is built in
                Runs continously
                Written report of internet activity
                Visit any site in report history
                Hide program option for surveillance
                View sites visited as image with ip address
                Separate history not connected to Internet Explorer

 IE Tracker Pro takes a screenshot of sites visited automatically.
 Browsing history can be erased in Internet Explorer, IE Tracker Pro
 can be hidden to work silently to create a hidden IE history.

 Use to keep a personal daily record or use it to keep an eye on your
 children or mate. Though you shouldn't spy on your mate this program
 can be used occasionally as a spy program for reassurace if desired.
 In hidden mode IE Tracker Pro is completely invisible.

 *Note that using this program as a surveillance tool may not be legal in
 your state or country if used improperly. By purchasing a license to use
 this program by using the link below you agree to hold Tekware Software
 harmless for any damages that may occur from the use of IE Tracker Pro.

 IE Tracker Pro comes with a lifetime license  with free upgrades,
 is very easy to use and technical help is available by email upon request.
 Please click the buy now button below to purchase IE Tracker Pro.
 Thank you!
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