Snapshot Magic Pro is one step up from the standard version of Snapshot Magic.
In the Pro version you get the ability to automatically take snapshots. You can
take snaphots of your desktop every 10 seconds to every 15 minutes depending
on the selection you choose.

Stealth mode is also available in the Pro version of Snapshot Magic.  Allows the
program to run in the background with no visible signs that the program is running. This feature was designed primarily as a parental control.

  Snapshot magic is a simple one shot screen capture tool. It saves a full screen image of your desktop, or window of any size window in five different formats.

 Allows multiple formats: BMP, GIF, ICO, JPG, PNG

Saving a desktop image couldn't be simpler just open Snapshot Magic and click one of the capture menu selections to capture an image.

 Choose capture of an open window or the entire desktop.

Every time you want to save a image you always have the option to save your image to any folder you choose.

A box will open to enter a name you wish to use, then just move to the folder of your choice or just use the current folder, each time you save a image Snapshot magic will open again to the last folder you selected.

Then you just click save after naming your file to any name you wish in any
location you wish and you're done. It's that simple.

 It's so simple and easy to use why use anything else for taking desktop snapshots of a single window or the entire desktop. It's fast and easy to start and use, no complex help files to use or confusing options to have to remember.

Snapshot Magic Pro
Buy now for $49.99 for a lifetime license and unlimited free upgrades and free technical support.
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