Unplugged is a very simple tool for letting you know when your internet connection has suddenly become unavailable. Unplugged constantly checks to see if your internet connection is working every 20 seconds and then lets you know your connection is down. Unplugged alerts you with a pop up message box and then with voice prompts every 20 seconds to make sure you know you have been disconnected. Unplugged also lets you know when your internet connection is available again by giving one final voice prompt when the connection is alive again.

 Knowing that you have suddenly been disconnected can be critical when uploading or downloading files because files can become damaged when your internet connection is suddenly broken. Prevents partial uploads or downloads from being overlooked and can save you from distributing damaged files to customers and the endless calls and emails you receive from damaged file distribution. Saves you time by letting you know you need to transfer a file again as well and monitors your system for instability in your internet connection.

Unplugged can be set to start automatically when windows starts with a simple checkbox and will run in the background with only a system tray icon shown to let you know that unplugged is active. If you change your mind and want to start unplugged manually just uncheck the box for windows start and it won't start again with windows. Made simple to use for your convenience.

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